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blocker 24th June 2009 12:52

client site ssl

i have tried to enable ssl for a client's site. In the menu "SSL" under the site's properties i have pasted the SSL certificate (have one already) in the field "SSL Certificate", then i choose "Save certificate" in the dropdown box "SSL action" and then clicked save. After that the site is still not accessible under https://domain.tld

In the vhost file of the domain there is no trace of SSL config, there is also no separate vhost for the SSL of that domain. In the root folder of the domain in the subfolder ssl there is the a .crt and .csr file...

How exactly do i enable ssl for that domain? Am i doing it right and what else should i do?


till 24th June 2009 16:21

you have to create a new ssl cert, then take the ssl csr and sign it and then paste the signed cert in the cert field. You can not copy just a cert as you had done becuse there is no key file for this cert on the server then.

blocker 24th June 2009 16:58


the problem is that i already have a cert and key created for that domain and also signed... I would like to know whats to be done in this case


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