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linutzy 23rd August 2005 20:47

IRC channel
I figure there are enough peeps that come here, it really wouldn't hurt to have

linuxfast 22nd September 2005 16:07

No replys to this one ? :confused:

IRC channel would be cool. If it's a matter of finding a server, I am willing to let mine be used.

falko 22nd September 2005 18:54

I'm not a big fan of chats (and instant messaging) - prevents me from doing my work... :(

Spum 25th October 2005 13:34

i made one; #ISPconfig :-)

zcworld 26th January 2007 02:38

oldish topic but any
IRC channel is good and also bad

good when you need a live help on a problem when its could be one of many things or trying to work out a problem

but bad:
but than someone else has the same problem .. and they cant find out the info on how to fix that problem ....

so they give up

here an example:

someone else worked out how to get vmware workstation on FC6 but it was in an IRC room : i come alone looking for info on forums on how to do it myself
cant find it
give up ... and go back to what i know best ...

and thats windows desktop OS

here another one
the IRC howto
i had a lot of problems at times i had email help form craz1 ... what i do when i habe a problem i just him .. via email or his irc room .. for help :)
when he was there it was live help
and able to get a problem fix in mins vs hours of waiting and replying

and same with the services server i had problems getting that to build .

so the irc has its good and bad points ..

sbovisjb1 2nd February 2007 05:27

Why dont you keep logs of the IRC talk, and make it public, so if a person wants to find information on a certain topic, all hed have to do is search for it. Crtl + F.

zcworld 4th February 2007 13:44

than the qus is
a. how is going to host it
b. whos is going to admin / mod the network
c. how can you make sure user XX on the forum is user xx on irc ...

Hans 7th March 2007 18:46

My opinion
Info given via a chat session is nice but not so effective.
Info provided via the Howtoforge forums is much more effective:

- In the forums you can find the info you want.
- During a chat, you do not reach a lot of people at once.
- Because chat is less effective it costs too much time.

Nice, but not for me!

ekkis 24th July 2009 01:51

by invitation only??
I tried to join the channel but got kicked out - I guess I need an invitation... can I please get one (e-mail me at

here's the transcript:

Now talking on #ISPConfig
* sets mode +n #ISPConfig
* sets mode +s #ISPConfig
* ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #ISPConfig
* gives channel operator status to ChanServ
* ChanServ sets mode +i #ISPConfig
* ChanServ sets mode +m #ISPConfig
* ChanServ sets mode +t #ISPConfig
* ChanServ sets mode +f #ISPConfig ##ispconfig
* You have been kicked from #ISPConfig by ChanServ (Invite only channel)

till 24th July 2009 09:24

This IRC Channel is not used by any of the ispconfig developers and it is not used anymore for years as far as I know.

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