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fernandoch 9th April 2006 19:46

Simple Apache 2 Tomcat 5 Integration with Debian 3.1
Hello all,

I have opened this thread to try to help those who find problems using the tutorial I have made at:

Please post in here your questions and we will all try to solve them.


falko 10th April 2006 10:52

You might have noticed that I did a little formatting on your Howto so that it fits into these guidelines: :)

fernandoch 10th April 2006 11:03

Yes I have noticed,

I was supposed to do it today ;)

Thank you anyways,

leorulez 3rd May 2006 00:06

problem with apache webserver and tomcat integration

I followed the exact steps given by you in
trying to make tomcat and apache communicate.

However when I typed
http://host/jsp-examples, I got an Apache Tomcat error report, "HTTP status 404". I am not sure what I have done wrong. Any help on this would be appreciated.

My config is
Linux 3.2.3-53
Apache Web Server 2.0.46
Tomcat 4.1.29


falko 3rd May 2006 16:33

Anything in your error logs?
Have you also tried http://host/jsp-examples/ (with a trailing slash)?

leorulez 4th May 2006 21:35

I tried with trailing slash, but still getting the same error. The mod_jk.log file is empty, mod_jk.log.1 has lines similar to this,

[Tue May 02 15:59:21 2006]worker1 host 0.020002

My file is


I replaced hostname with the real hostname.

devnet 11th May 2006 17:50

Actually, the examples are located http://localhost:8080/jsp-examples/ instead of http://localhost/jsp-examples/

There is a link to those examples on the front page of your default tomcat index http://localhost:8080/

So the how-to should be updated with this error fix. Not sure if it is because I used apache-tomcat-5.5.17.tar.gz versus apache-tomcat-5.5.16.tar.gz or not...but that's the fix.

fernandoch 26th May 2006 18:51

Hi leorulez,

What happens when you point your browser to:

http://localhost ??? Does your apache respond to the request?

And when you point it to:

http://localhost:8080 ??? What does it give you?

fernandoch 26th May 2006 18:56

Hi Devnet,

If this address http://localhost/jsp-examples/ is not working, it means your connection between apache 2 and tomcat 5 is not working.

If you point you browser to http://localhost:8080/ this means you are not using the mod_jk connection, but just the tomcat 5.

To make it work, no port numbers should be in the middle of your address. You should have the apache respond to http://localhost and tomcat to http://localhost/jsp-examples if you followed the manual. I havenīt tried it with apache-tomcat-5.5.17.tar.gz but I will do it as soon as I have some time.

leorulez 30th May 2006 21:27


With http://host, I get the main web page that we have developed. so apache web server is working fine. With http://host:8080, I get the default tomcat servlet engine page. Hence even tomcat as a stand alone works fine. I tried http://host/jsp-examples, and got an Apache Tomcat error report, "HTTP status 404". Is there any other way to verify whether the apache web server and the tomcat servlet engine both communicate with one another?


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