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wxman 4th June 2009 04:24

Log error after update
The update went fine on one of my servers, but shows an err in the monitor. The ISPConfig Log has:

Unable to connect to the database Can't create database 'c2list'; database exists
c2list is one of the databases I had before the update, and I didn't change any permissions. I can't honestly say the error wasn't there before the update because I didn't check just before running it. I know it wasn't there a short time ago though.

till 4th June 2009 09:11

The error just means that the database could not be created because it existed already. Just click on the delete button in the error lost to remove it as it will block the config queue otherwise.

wxman 4th June 2009 17:30

Thanks Till that looks better now. After I removed it it showed up again though. I tried backing it up, and removing it. ISPC made a new one so I thought it would be happy now, but it keeps generating tha same error.
This was my first upgrade after moving to version 3.

till 5th June 2009 12:40

This has nothing to do with a ispconfig update. Basically you can not create a database adain that exists already.

wxman 5th June 2009 14:37


Originally Posted by till (Post 192389)
This has nothing to do with a ispconfig update. Basically you can not create a database adain that exists already.

So how do I stop the error. It keeps coming back even if I delete the database. I don't see how we can ever upgrade again if it won't like the databases that are already there.

till 5th June 2009 15:06

Which commands exactly did you execute as you updated?

wxman 5th June 2009 15:51

From root I did "".
I've really messed things up now. My two servers are replicated/mirrored, and when I removed the DB on web1 it of course removed it on web2.

wxman 5th June 2009 16:47

It does seem that this was all because of DB replication. I guess I needed to shut off replication completely before I did any upgrade. Because I didn't, the upgrade of one got stuck in the DB logs so it kept trying to do the same on the other slave. The two databases just kept trying to sync each other, which kept messing them up. What I ended up doing was shut off the slaves, fixed the databases from back up, the completely redid the master/master replication setup so the all at the same point again. I won't make that mistake next time.

till 5th June 2009 17:13

Ok, this means you use mysql replication? This is not compatible with ispconfig 3, no wonder that the update failed. ISPConfig uses its own replication.

wxman 6th June 2009 02:48

OK now I'm really confused. I asked that when I first started this project, but it sounded like because I was running this as a load balancer/fail over system, the built in replication wouldn't work.

I need both servers to be exactly the same in case of fail over to the second server. I even tried installing ISPC on the second server as a slave, but it didn't seem to work. Am I wrong, and I should reinstall it? If that's true, how should it be done?

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