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marcob 18th May 2009 18:23

user login problem after creation
I noticed that often some users cannot login after first creation.
Sometimes I have seen user is not created in passwd, still it's listed in ispconfig.
Other times it's created in passwd but I have to reinsert password in ispconfig.
Any hints?

till 18th May 2009 19:06

Take a look into the ispconfig logfile if there are any errors: /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/ispconfig.log

Be aware that changes are not written to disk immeadeatley, it may take up to a minute or two.

marcob 18th May 2009 19:06

Analyzing the logs I have noticed this behaviour:

when for example I set again password for a user that cannot authenticate I see
Signalfile Set: update

Then after 30-40 seconds the following scripts are triggered:

If I try to update password for another user or create a new user during this phase, I noticed password mismatch.

is this something known?

till 18th May 2009 19:12

There are no known issues, especially as ispconfig is not starting two update processes at the same time.

marcob 18th May 2009 19:16

what do you suggest to do?

marcob 18th May 2009 19:23

Just tried now to create 4 users all on same domain.
It looks it created first three correctly.
The fourth one is not on passwd and I don't see any entries about it on ispconfig.log. Still it's listed in ispconfig.....
What can I do...?

marcob 18th May 2009 20:01

Another test:

I changed password on 4 accounts all on same domain:
first two works, other two doesn't
Still I see entries in ispconfig.log but it seems it doesn't change password on last two accounts.
This is really strange.... any workaround please?

Before try to change password on these 4 accounts I made a copy of /etc/shadow.
After that changed sequentially password for these accounts
looked at logs and after updates finished I made a diff between /etc/shadow and the copy I made before changing password.
It showed only first two account modified while other two doesn't.

marcob 18th May 2009 21:55


If I modify password of account, wait update entries in log, wait to finish, the modify password of other account, wait update entries in log, wait to finish, etc. it works.
So it seems something related to sequentially change password. Any help will be really appreciated since this is causing a weird situation.
Thanks again

till 18th May 2009 22:33

Which exact version do you use? I'am not able to reproduce that here.

marcob 18th May 2009 22:36


It seems it happens with account of same domain.

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