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Rollo 5th April 2006 01:32

Automated Hosting Account Service?
Is there any software/scripts that can automatically create a hosting package, as in username + password to login into the hosting, based upon a user registering on a web site.

I am currently creating a project for college which is based on creating a dummy web hosting comapany. The website is php/mysql based and i have a server running Ubuntu Linux with Apache/PHP/MYSQL installed on it so far. The only hosting panel i have used so far is ISPConfig.

What i would like to occur is :-

-- User signs up for a Account on my website, details get stored in a database
-- Some software/script gets alerted to the new account
-- It creates their login details automatically and emails them their confirmation.

Leaving me to do as little as possible and encouraging an automated system. If anyone knows of a system which can benefit me.

Thanks very

till 5th April 2006 17:16

We are currently working on such an extension.

You will find many threads if you search the forum for the word "remoting".

Rollo 5th April 2006 17:30

thanks for the update till.
I don't suppose you know of a free rival that can provide me with this feature?

falko 5th April 2006 22:49

I don't think there is one.

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