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wieserdk 16th May 2009 20:21

Apache - multiserver

I have multiserver configuration, basicly works fine, besides apache2.

Situation is: - ISPConfig 3 Panel - Apache2 server dedicated for clients

When I create new site in Panel nothing happens in /var/www on both servers.

Do you know what can it be?

Kind regards,

wieserdk 16th May 2009 22:57

Little update to give you guys more info:

In queue I have action insert web_domain so it seems to be fine,
in /etc/apache2 I don't have any vhosts (files or dirs), enything connected with ISPConfig are in /etc/apache/sites-available: ispconfig.conf ispconfig.vhost and that's all, unfortunately.

Also, for tests I want to create site on first server where ISPConfig is fully installed (to eliminate problem with communication with other servers), but still no luck.

Do you know what can it be?

wieserdk 16th May 2009 23:35

Update, I solve my problem, maybe somebody will need this.

To fix it, I needed to change /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ and /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lub/ and put there correct database settings (in both sections).


till 17th May 2009 10:41

Slave servers in a multiserver setup can never have a interface, so mybe you installed the setup wrong. If they have an interface and you use it, then you will mes up the complete configuration. Also changes of the login details are not needed if you installed the second server as slave of the master.

wieserdk 17th May 2009 11:51


Probably I've made something wrong during installation, and I needed to fix it, by changinga databases, users, passwords.

My setup procedure was:
expert, setup database, then add to existing ISPConfig configuration (no ISPConfig interface).

Kind regards,

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