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xtothez 25th April 2005 13:11

Look up DNS records
How can I look up DNS records for a domain? Like I have the domain and I want to see what DNS records exist and if they are correct.


jimmyjames 25th April 2005 14:36

You could use nslookup or dig:


dig ANY
will look for all records,


dig A

will look for A records,


dig MX
will look for MX records, etc.


xtothez 25th April 2005 21:18

Hm, something weird is going on here. Dig and nslookup don't work, and I can't ping any domain at all, but when I ping an IP address instead it works... :confused:


vickramhx 23rd August 2012 16:04

Re: Lookup DNS records
Check out here to lookup your domain's DNS records.

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