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stefanos 5th May 2009 23:10

General hostname domain email question.

I set up a perfect server with Debian Lenny.
I am a bit confused about domain names and emails and I would like some clarification.

Say I own a domain name called
The A & MX records all point to my IP

I have called my server with a host 'dragon'.
and thus the hostname for the server is

If I understand an email would be linked to a hostname.
i.e. an actual email should look like:

So if I were to send an email to '' it should be delivered to the user's account 'stephen' on dragon.

But what happens if I want to send an email from the outside world to and it be delivered to '' does this work in a similar way to apache's ServerAlias? And how would you configure this is courier?

Should & both resolve from the outside world to the same server IP or should resolve internally on my LAN only and the default for * resolve to the server's IP?

And what should I actually use for 'System mail name'?
1) or

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on server host naming?

*Domain name has been changed*

If I am a bit confusing I can try and clarify but it's all Greek to me.

Kind Regards

topdog 5th May 2009 23:50

Mail is routed by means of an MX record, you do not need to point the domain name to a host ip. You need to create an MX record that points to your mail server(s)

stefanos 7th May 2009 20:17

hi topdog,

Sorry my server died on me. Got the following error:
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

I tried everything apt-get purge... reinstalling and nothing so I am going to format and install from scratch. I had in in my mind to do it at some point but I guess now is as good a time as any.

As for the mail server name I think it's best to use the hostname (FQDN) of the server but this raises an issue if your server (via perl) sends an email to clients.

I will need to look into this after the server is back up.


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