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uvbnserved 2nd May 2009 22:14

postfix, pop3
alright i setup a server following the fedora 10 ispconfig 3 perfect server tutorial. i can send mail but can not receive mail. is there a way to set it so that the pop3 server thinks the server is on my public ip address instead of the private ip the computer runs?

fadeforth 3rd May 2009 08:09

Where are you sending the mail?? In your LAN or out on the WAN?? IF your trying to receive mail you need the correct ports open on your firewall/router and you also need to adjust your mail settings via hosting provider.

uvbnserved 3rd May 2009 21:09

the port 25 is open on the server. is there a way to set the address of the mail server so that my point of presence is on my public ip address?

fadeforth 4th May 2009 00:04

This has nothing to do with point of presence really. Just forward ports 25, 110 on your router to the IP address of your mail server. Also 143 is your IMAP port you might need that open too.

uvbnserved 4th May 2009 04:14

i checked the log of that email address and im pretty sure im receiving mail its just not showing up in squierrel mail. any ideas?

fadeforth 4th May 2009 04:47

Hmm no idea, I did that Perfect Server setup and it worked on 2 of my machines..

uvbnserved 4th May 2009 05:23

yea im definitly receiving the mail. do i have to point squirrel mail to the right file?

fadeforth 4th May 2009 06:14

Oh, i remember changing a certain squirrelmail option... run


then #2
then #3, change to SMTP

see if this does anything..

fadeforth 4th May 2009 06:19

also make sure the mail your getting is in this directory.


this will hold your mail as long as your using ISPconfig3

uvbnserved 4th May 2009 06:39

in the directory /var/spool/mail/ i click on clients name and it shows the mail ive sent to the account.
in the directory you specified there is nothing there. i will try the squirrelmail configuration thing u posted

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