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JLChafardet 31st March 2006 10:25

Problems Installing in CentOS 4.2 fresh
ISPConfig is for some reason not installing on my fresh install of CentOS 4.2, when i hit enter at ./setup it asks the first normal questions, then when reaching the ############# Installing #############

it tells me mysql is not started, and if you check at that exact time, you will see that mysql is subsys locked, but in fact was runing when the ./setup was run.

what could be causing the problem?

falko 31st March 2006 11:51

Please post the output of

netstat -tap

ps aux | grep -i mysql

JLChafardet 31st March 2006 21:32

I fixed my problem by editing the service line where it restarts, adding a sleep 3 between stop and start, now it restarts perfectly.

apparently the problem was regarding the time while it trully stops and the try to start. The service seemed to have stoped when in fact wasnt, so the start command couldnt success because probably the stop command was still runing.

will try now the instalation of ISPConfig



JLChafardet 31st March 2006 22:36

worked as i expected, after editing the service file for mysqld and followed both the install on centos found here and the fedora example mixed, i got it up and running, now its time for me to RTFM ;) to learn to use it



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