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Ovidiu 28th April 2009 11:40

switching servers, also want to go from ISPCFG2 to ISPCFG3
hi there,

I have to get a new server soon and switch my content to it. I thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to go from ISPCFG2 to ISPCFG3 so I thought I'd rather ask here first.

1. is there a good tutorial for this? otherwise I would have to improvise, maybe you can give me a rough outline at least?
2. any reason not to switch to ISPCFG3?
3. how long will ISPCFG2 receive support now that ISPCFG3 is out?

till 28th April 2009 13:24

1) No.
2) ISPConfig 3 is not a update for ISPConfig 2, its a different software. So it has other features then ispconfig 2 and not nescessarily all functions like the user login that ispconfig 2 has.
3) For years. ISPConfig 2 and 3 are different software projects and will be developed independantly. See also 2).

Ovidiu 28th April 2009 13:53

yes, I know its not upgradable and different.
I just thought 3 would be more "modern" than 2.

Is there a comparison matrix somewhere? Anyone knows the differences?

I mean maybe I don't need the 3 version but how would I know ;-)

Jorem 28th April 2009 14:12

You can download a vmware image to test ISPConfig 3 and check out the differences.

If you have a lot of websites on it I would stick with 2 and wait till there will be an update from 2 to 3. Just to save you a lot of time trying to get everything to work :).
If you have a few websites just setup the new system and copy site by site by making new sites/settings in 3. Only takes some work changing path and database differences.

Ovidiu 28th April 2009 15:19

all I found so far is that ispcfg3 has support for php as fastcgi but I thought that worked with ispcfg2 as well...

robilaur 29th April 2009 09:09

Well in my opinion isp3 is better than isp2 because its support virtual users , its more dynamic, low resorces , and it uses mysql for all witch it makes it faster. The transition is prety easy... just copy the sites as Jerom sayd

Ovidiu 29th April 2009 13:56

so basically, set up the new server, set up ispcfg, email, apache, mysql configs, etc, then create a new site in ispcfg3 set it up, change the DNS settigns of this site, wait 24h then move all data/DBs and check for references to the old IP and the old database, right?

any other steps I might have forgotten?

till 30th April 2009 15:42

Yes, that should work.

Ovidiu 2nd May 2009 17:01

Perfect :-) just moved the first testsite and everything went perfect!

One more related question: I am going to move some domains with loads of emails next, so I was wondering where the Mailfolders are lovated now and where are the user folders located? Is the mail format the same? can I just copy the users mail folders so they don't lose old emails?

Anythign else to take care of when moving users with email?

yap 2nd May 2009 21:50

Hi Tenaka,

I just had the same problem with email. I just copied the files located in /var/www/webXYZ/user/webname/Maildir/cur/ from ISPConfig 2 to the new folder in ISPConfig 3: /var/vmail/webname/mailname/cur and it worked for me. :)

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