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calivent 24th April 2009 02:37

ISPConfig With Mailman Guide
trying to configure mailman with ISPConfig 3, but failed, also in fear of spoiling the performance of ISPConfig, I hope someone can guide me, then google search for other guides, but nothing related ISP3.
I saw that in version 2, there was an option, but not at the meeting 3.
if someone could give me the basic guidelines would

help! help!


tebokkel 24th April 2009 14:45

What is it you hope to be able to administer in ISPConfig? Mailman is not related to ISPConfig, so this shouldn't be any different from setting it up on any other system, or what? :)


planet_fox 2nd May 2009 05:56

gives a sollution, it run isp3 and mailman on same server under postfix ?

I want not administrate over isp3

till 2nd May 2009 11:02

Should be possible but I never tried it.

planet_fox 2nd May 2009 20:28

It is a idee for testing a solution fpr this. I have last year testing isp2 and mailman. and than i have problems with configuration in postfix

planet_fox 24th May 2009 20:46

I do testing in next time, for find a solution for this. I tell you later whats i have the right way.

planet_fox 29th June 2009 21:08

Ok I have testing ISPConfig3 and mailman and it works fine. In next I write a howto for the solution.

sirrus 6th July 2009 17:36

Any new on that?


planet_fox 6th July 2009 17:41

I hope I have the Time this Week for Howto write finish.

sirrus 6th July 2009 18:05

Just drop me a line
... if I can help you with testing and/or checking your howto.


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