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falko 17th April 2009 00:19

Should Hetzner also offer ISPConfig?
[German forum: "Hetzner goes SysCP" ]

Since a few weeks, Hetzner is offering prebuilt server images with SysCP. Of course, we are not very happy with that decision and would have preferred to see Hetzner offer ISPConfig instead.

We have contacted Hetzner, and according to them, in the end it was a decision between SysCP and ISPConfig. What they also said is that it is possible that they offer a second control panel (maybe ISPConfig?) in the future.

So if you are a Hetzner customer and would like to see prebuilt images with ISPConfig, you should contact their support and ask for ISPConfig (but please be polite and don't spam them as this might be counterproductive). As Hetzner is one of the few hosters that actually cares about its customers, this might lead them to reconsider their decision.

Thanks a lot! :)

Been Told 22nd April 2009 15:16

I'll send a support mail tonight. My reaction to that announcement was the same. I really don't see why they would choose SysCP over ISPconfig with ISPconfig being the superior control panel.
Thanks for the idea though. For some reason I never thought of suggesting ISPconfig to Hetzner.

pruss 22nd April 2009 15:40

Missing manual
As soon as a manual is available for version 3 I will also support that idea.

sighkick 15th May 2009 05:42

Missing Manual
+ 1 for that How To Manual for ISPConfig 3 - they say that patience is a virtue but I am rarin' to go..... :rolleyes:

Makis77 1st July 2009 15:54

I m new here and this is one of the 1st posts i ve read.
I m using hetzner as well and tried to work with syscp.

10 days after i apt-get autoremove it and installed ispconfig3 which i m trying to use for now.

First look says that isp is more user friendly and has more options over dns control so for now i m satisfied with ispc3 and i recommend everyone at hetzner to try it.

admins 19th August 2009 20:03

I've contacted a hetzner system engineer.

He said following:

I't a must have for them:
- Possibility for creating paswort protected folders in the ispconfig panel.
- WebFtp in the controlpanel
and a possibility for the customers to backup their data (Mail, Web an Database) and a possibility to restore the data

If you integrat this in the next version, they'll test it an the chance is big that they add this to their portfolio.


Been Told 19th August 2009 20:45

Isn't WebFTP a feature in ispConfig 2 already?

admins 19th August 2009 21:24

I mean ISPConfig 3. Ther it isnt a WebFTP included.


SamTzu 28th August 2009 10:43

Me, me, me...
I'm using this post to unshamefully advertise our Virtual Private Servers that can come with ISPConfig3 support. :)

PS. I want to thank everyone on this site for making ISPConfig happen. We are changing the world... as we speak.

till 28th September 2009 18:28

Just a short note on this topic, there is a first big hosting company offering preinstalled images with ISPConfig 3 now while hetzner seems still not be interested in working with the ISPConfig project on such an image.

The hosting company OVH, which is the largest hosting provider in France (as far as I heard, correct me if I'am wrong :) ), offers now a preinstalled ISPConfig 3 image.

OVH is also offering these images in the UK and in Germany.

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