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ehpmail 14th April 2009 00:58

Own hosting setup
I have a single computer with a Linksys 3G Router (model WRTG3G). I want to (and I know it is all kinds of incorrect) do the following:
  1. Have IPSCONFIG3 (already installed)
  2. Have my own nameserver
  3. Have my own secondary nameserver
  4. Have groupware installed - I want CITADEL
  5. Have a local domain
  6. Have LDAP installed

Is this possible?
What are the steps?

till 14th April 2009 11:43

1,6) This etup does not make much sense. For example, ispconfig 3 uses mysql to store user autentication information, why do you wnat to run ldap then as it is not compatible with this setup.
2,3) For your own dns server you need at least two independant external IP's, it is even recommended that you have two independant physical servers for your nameservers.

ehpmail 14th April 2009 12:22

I want LDAP for my local domain. I plan to have other users log on, use groupware, a shared proxy server, etc. I am happy with ISPCONFIG 3 using the database for client authentication. I hope that I am understanding this correctly!

If I had 2 independent computers for nameservers, but a single router to connect to the internet, how do I use the 2 external IP's? Would these be configured on the router?

falko 15th April 2009 17:46

Does your router support more than one public IP? Most routers don't, and I don't think the WRT3G is an exception.

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