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Lord_Mephisto 10th April 2009 20:32

Searching Howto setup a slackwere server

I'm a newbie in the linux world.
and I would like to setup a few servers,
1. DHCP/GW server
2. Mail + Webserver
3. Data + Printserver
4. Backupserver

I'm looking for a Howto to help me install and setup the slackwere servers.
in a ferder stadium, I would like to build in a PXE server, and put security on my network.

Can anyone help me?

LOH: Frank:)

Lord_Mephisto 11th April 2009 14:16


Originally Posted by kim47 (Post 181184)
i am also new to this forum......but i will try to solve your problem.
you might want to try explaining your question a little better.. but from what I gather, you could just install slack with the "custom" install and then download eggdrops and psybnc to run those.


Well, iwant to create a full network, control the acess from and to the internet via DHCP/Gatewayserver.

create a full Print/Data server (whit FTP capebilities). the client Pc Save and load files to there Pc from this server.

A Web/Mailserver for several mailacounts. clients are windows Xp+Win Vista
mails from and to ISP via pop3/smtp and from and to clients via Imap
And also a Bacup server to backup the data from Data server

And on the moment al these servers are running i would like to launch a PXE server to install the software of the servers and clients remote.


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