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nandelbosc 7th April 2009 09:45

Solution to awstats stop work after update

this is not a question, it's a solution... ;)

after upgrade from 2.2.27 to 2.2.30 awstats stop work. To solve this i need to reinstall awstats...


cd /usr/src
tar -xvzf ISPConfig_awstats_pkg_RC1.tar.gz
cd ISPConfig_awstats_pkg

to generate the stats...


/root/ispconfig/php/php /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/awstats.php
I hope this help somebody!


AcidKat 7th April 2009 18:04

After running your commands (thax by the way), it gave me this,
Main HTML page is ''.
(I replaced my real webpage with
I typed that into my browser and got a 404.
My question is this, what exactly do I type into my browser to see the stats?
Thax in advance.

nandelbosc 7th April 2009 19:09

To see all months...

To see April...

If you are prompted for a username / pass, use the same as webalizer

I hope this help you.

AcidKat 8th April 2009 17:06

All records are empty (no data).
Is there a way to fix this?
Thax again.

nandelbosc 9th April 2009 09:52

What shows your apache logs?

AcidKat 13th April 2009 19:51

What shows my apache logs?
I do not understand the question.

nandelbosc 13th April 2009 23:54

What is the content of the file /var/www/webX/log/web.log and /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log ?

AcidKat 14th April 2009 17:49

the contents of /var/www/webX/log/web.log are all from november. There has been no updating of the log.
I dont see anything remarkable in the 2nd log.

nandelbosc 14th April 2009 17:57

Look in your /etc/awstats/ file, and search a line like this...


Your awstats make stats from /var/www/webX/log/web.log file, if this file it's empty, I think you have a problem with your apache log system.

I sorry, but I'm not an expert and I can't help much more... ;(

AcidKat 15th April 2009 16:22

Aye, the stats are not being updated to the web.lob file.
Thanx for all your help. I really appreciate it.

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