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Etienne 5th April 2009 14:28

www.mydomain.tld goes to it works!

I've been trying to figure this out already for some time by myself but I cant really figure it out, I know it must be something simple but...

I have a "Perfect Server setup Debian Lenny" wit ISPconfig 3 on it, I cant seem to get the sites right, I have two sites, 1 and the second, when in my browser I try to open "" I get the It Works page, but when I type "" I get the default ISPConfig web site, so kinda the other way arround cuz I want both to point to the default, anybody that can help me figure out how to do this, I am missing something but cant seem te figure out what.

Anyway thanks in advance,

till 6th April 2009 10:30

You have to select www as auto subdomain in the website settings.

Etienne 7th April 2009 16:24


Okay that did the job allright for the "" domain, only my second domain "" still keeps opening in it works, what is the trick there ??


Etienne 8th April 2009 11:40

You gotta be kidding me... is there nobody else besides Falko and Till that knows how to setup a second domain ???? very sad :(

till 8th April 2009 11:43

The second domain is setup exactly the same then the first and third domain.

Etienne 8th April 2009 14:46

Okay, as far as i know all the information is the same for both domains, i will illustrate here what is the problem, together with screen shots. - OK - OK - gives 404 - gives 404 - OK - OK - OK - OK - gives It Works - gives It Works - OK - OK - OK - OK - OK - OK - gives It Works - OK - OK -OK

My Registrar setup:

My Dynamic DNS host:

My ISPConfig Webdomain setup:

My ISPConfig DNS zone setup:

continues in next post.

Etienne 8th April 2009 14:47


My ISPConfig DNS Records setup:

This kinda sums it up, if you need anything else I will be happy to provide, cuz i really want this to work.

Thanks in advance

ggohdin 8th April 2009 23:57

Hi, you need fullstops at the end of your domain names in your dns zone records. e.g "" How ever your zone record for is correct, just see where the full stops are in that zone and do the same with the other zones.

Etienne 9th April 2009 00:38

Hi ggohdin,

Could you be a little more specific, I dont understand what you mean with full stops??


ggohdin 9th April 2009 00:51

ok so this is an example of how records should look in you zone (soa). A 0
mail A 0
ns1 A 0
ns2 A 0
www A 0 MX 10 NS 0 NS 0

Ok. so here we have the fullstops at the end of your domain and your name server, just copy that in you Zone records in ispconfig3.

Remember that it can take up to 3 days for things to work properly, and also because your domain name is the same as your Name server ( etc) you might have to create a Glue record with your registrar.

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