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andypl 1st April 2009 00:48

Website IP and SSL
Next problem in ISPConfig 3.0.1.
This problem is with SSL for websites and multiple IP.
I have used the options, create the certificate and created on a remote server, but no information about the panel SSL Request, SSL Certificate SSL Bundle.
This fileds are empty.
When creating the certificate of lack of options expiry of the time key SSL. In ISPConfig v2 was such an option.
The next problem is that in choosing such an IP address even though I have always * that the server is configured several interfaces.

till 1st April 2009 09:30

You missed to add the IP addresses in the administarion section of ISPConfig.

andypl 1st April 2009 13:23

Ok now set the server ip.
Creates a certificate valid for 10 years but there is no ground for the definition of validity of the certificate as it was in ISPConfig2 and still this fileds are empty: SSL Request, SSL Certificate, SSL Bundle

till 1st April 2009 13:25

You have to select create as action, then click on save. It can take a few minutes until the new ssl cert is created.

andypl 1st April 2009 13:45

Certificate of the most to set up a remote server but the fields are empty panel SSL Request, etc.
This is the latest version

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