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Vcepelin 15th March 2009 21:56

Fetcgmail problem
hi again
i was wondering how can i set my fetchmail
not to fetch all the mail
but the mail that is new
discarding the mail that was already been fetched

dipeshmehta 16th March 2009 06:46

you can use nofetchall option with poll.

Btw, it is the default option if nothing else like fetchall or keep is specified.


Vcepelin 16th March 2009 08:35

ok but can i use bot keep and nofetchall

dipeshmehta 16th March 2009 10:33


Originally Posted by Vcepelin (Post 175462)
ok but can i use bot keep and nofetchall

yes ofcourse, you can use keep for not to delete messages from server, and alongwith you can use nofetchall to fetch only newer messages

for more details about options see man page, man pages are our friends in need

Vcepelin 16th March 2009 11:22

so i have a problem :(
i have the nofetchall parameter
but it stil fetches all the mail
(if i use the default settings without the nofetchall
parameter i stil fetches all)
im using pop3 as protocol
any ideas waht can i do ?

falko 16th March 2009 14:53

What's in your fetchmailrc?

Vcepelin 17th March 2009 15:37

proto pop3
user ""
pass "password"
is myuser

that's it ...

falko 18th March 2009 19:54

Add nofetchall to it.

Vcepelin 19th March 2009 12:56

it still fetches all the mail ...

falko 20th March 2009 14:06

Did you restart fetchmail?

What's the output of

locate fetchmailrc


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