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gkoo 7th March 2009 20:34

myDns database bug
Hi. I'm runing an ISPconfig3 installation on one of my servers. I've recently added DomainKeys and DKIM support to my e-mail system.

As you probably know DKIM and DomainKeys require a TXT record inserted in the DNS to add a public cryptographic key. The key has a lot of characters ( 230 ).

The problem i stumbled upon was that, the database structure of ispconfig3 allowed only 116 characters in the "data" column of the "dns_rr" table, so, it wasn't storing the whole txt record. I had to change the database structure to allow 230 characters in that field.
You might want to change this in the final release. It took me a lot of time to figure out why my system was signing the emails with a bad signature.

Best of luck with your development and thanks again for this wonderful software.


falko 8th March 2009 17:06

I've added this to the bugtracker.

HellMind 11th March 2009 17:29


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