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jcole 7th March 2009 00:01

Mail stuck in postfix queue
First, I want to thank the person who wrote this tutorial! One of the best I have encountered.

I am somewhat new to Linux and I have successfully configured one of these spamsnakes but on my second go-around I have been having some trouble. Right now, mail is sticking in the postfix queue. I did find this error and am not sure what it means.

"postfix/sendmail[5017]: fatal: display queue mode requires no recipient"

Would this make sense of why the mail is not being delivered? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 and followed the tutorial step for step as I did before and without issue.

falko 7th March 2009 16:41

Are you referring to this tutorial?

jcole 7th March 2009 16:43

Yes Sorry for not being more clear.

falko 8th March 2009 16:45

Are there any other errors in your mail log?

I did not write that tutorial, so I'm not sure if I can help a lot, but you can try to write Rocky a PM.

jcole 13th March 2009 17:05

Is there a better place to make this post? I sent Rocky a pm but haven't heard back which is ok. I was just hoping someone might have some feedback.


falko 14th March 2009 13:55

No, this is the right forum.

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