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ignasigarcia 6th March 2009 12:10

ispconfig3 bug: client cannot modify web settings
Hi, I have several test installations of ispconfig all running fine. Yesterday, though, I did a new one. I noticed some changes in comparison with the others (from 2 weeks ago, like /var/www/clients instead of /var/clients, etc). I also noticed a possible bug:

admin can create and modify web site settings in ispconfig panel. However, client can create the web site entry, but after that, future changes (size, php type, auto-subdomain) are not applied. Client can delete the web site though. Using the admin account I have deleted all related entries, even the client has been deleted. After recreating everything the problem reappears. Looks like the web site form might have a problem updating data to the database when being used as a client (again, as admin everything works fine)

Any ideas?


till 6th March 2009 12:36

Thats not a bug, its the intended behaviour. Clients shall not be able to edit the settings of a website that a administrator created because this would allow them to extend their website quota etc. If a client created the website itself then he can change the settings of course.

ignasigarcia 6th March 2009 12:43

that's a great idea, but in this case it is the client who has created the web site, not the admin.

till 6th March 2009 12:47

You can post a bug report in the bugtracker if you want that we check it.

ignasigarcia 6th March 2009 13:10

Great. I just did it.



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