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Shella 4th March 2009 23:58

IspConfig -> phpMyAdmin Update 3.1.3
I use phpMyAdmin package provided by ISPConfig, and install it via the update manager within ISPConfig, but I allawys get this message:
Installation instructions not found: /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/9c16f4a7b88e20ec8b9eef7d3b1bec90/package.ins

I checked on the server and that's right! My package.ins file is not there but... here:


There is this phpmyadmin-3.1.3 dir first!

What can I do?


till 5th March 2009 00:02

Do not unpack the package before you upload it.

Shella 5th March 2009 00:29

Hi Till, I did'n unpack package. I used the normal procedure from ispconfig panel by the webpanel... I used the url update with the link from

till 5th March 2009 12:00

there seems to be a problem with the package:

Shella 5th March 2009 13:26

Geeeeeez, in fact now it works good!
Thanks Till.

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