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edge 4th March 2009 21:41

where: ISPconfig 3 - webmaster@localhost.tld
Where can I change the e-mail address that is used for the "Welcome to your new email account.".
At the moment it's send by webmaster@localhost.tld

till 4th March 2009 21:57

The email address is currently defined in the language file. The file is /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mail/lib/lang/en_mail_user.lng or the corresponding file in the language you use. You may also use the language editor to edit this file.

qiubosu 14th November 2010 04:51

hello till,

in ispconfig 3.0.3, whenever create an new email account, there is an email sent to the new email address from webmaster@localhost.tld, as shown below:

Subject: ***SPAM***Welcome to your new email account.
From: "ISPConfig3" <webmaster@localhost.tld>
Date: Fri, November 5, 2010 4:39 am
Priority: Normal

i don't think the webmaster@localhost.tld has ever been created when install/config ispconfig 3.0.3 and squirrelmail. why there is the webmaster@localhost.tld email?

in your reply to this issue before, you suggested to update the webmaster@localhost.tld in the /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mail/lib/lang/en_mail_user.lng file. however i notice the other *_mail_user.lng files for other languages need to be updated as well.

my question is - 1) are there any other way to update this more easily, apart from command line, i.e. from the ispconfig 3 or squirrelmail GUI or web interface? 2) is the webmaster@localhost.tld need to updated or just leave it as it is?

qiubosu 14th November 2010 05:30

hello till, the webmaster@localhost.tld issue is ok for me now.

u4david 9th August 2011 21:48

same accurance
how did you resolve the webmaster@localhost.tld

osterhase 15th August 2011 11:48

Login as an admin into your ISPConfig.

System -> Language-Editor (left navigation bar) -> Language -> [Select your language] -> en_mail_user.lng (click that)

Edit the field: welcome_mail_fromemail_txt

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