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Mattz 4th March 2009 12:42

How is traffic calculated ?

I'm doing some investigation about traffic analyzing on apache and mail on vhosts.

Because ISPconfig is capable of doing so, how is this exactly done ?

I'm checking the code to see if I can get some more info about it, but this topic might be valuable too.

For mail, is that calculated on the IMAP server or on the MTA itself ?

I hope I can figure out a standalone sample here :)



till 4th March 2009 23:49

The apache traffic is calculated by analyzing the access log file. I dont have standalone a example for this, take a look in the script /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/logs.php

For the mail traffic there is no log file, so ISPConfig uses a procmail recipe that analyzes the mail size before the mail is stored in the mailbox.

Mattz 5th March 2009 01:02

Ok, thanks for the apache log, I alreayd have looked into this and I see almost how it's done.

If people have some good examples about that part, always welcome !

About mail, so pop and imap to the client are not calculated ?

till 5th March 2009 01:14

No, we calculate just the incoming traffic.

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