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Mentor 1st March 2009 19:12

ISPconfig 3: Sub-Domain

I am trying to figure out how to create sub-domains with separate folder structures using ISPconfig 3.

I need to be able to load trial sites into the folder structure and allow clients to visit them.

I have had a look at the menu system and it is a little confusing to say the least. Please could someone assist, thank you.

Kind regards,

Mentor :confused:

Mentor 1st March 2009 20:09


I addition to the above, it is interesting to note that I can add sub-domains simply by adding a host to an existing domain.

I have tried to add a host to an existing domain as follows:

Type: A-record
Name: new
TTL: very short for now


Done, except that it doesn't work - somewhere there is a config issue it would seem?



till 1st March 2009 20:15

Just create a nwe website for every subdomain. And do not mix up websites with dns records.

Mentor 1st March 2009 20:24

Hi Till:

Okay, let's see if I have this right:

1. Create new DNS record using the wizard, and
2. Create new website?

I followed this process and perhaps I was a little impatient, but I am not able to ping my host after a few minutes?

Please could you let me know if I am following the right process and just being impatient? Thank you.



till 1st March 2009 20:36

1) The dns wizard can not be used to creat subdomains. You have to edit the dns record of the existing domain and add a dns A-Record for the subdomain. Then you have to wait up to 48 hours until the dns record is propagated. It does not matter which TTL you had set, this will not speed this up.

2) Yes.

Mentor 1st March 2009 20:43

Hi Till:

Okay, cool - I was just concerned because under ISPC2 I could add new host records to a domain and could ping it within 5 minutes - CTLD - and now I can't - (I haven't set any transfer rights or anything like that - could that be a problem) - but if you think that it is fine, then that's cool!! :)

Kind regards,


As a postscript: Added to the above, once I have followed through the methodology above, I cannot even ping the new host on the server on which it resides? I think that there may be an issue with MyDNS? Please let me know what you think as this is becoming a trifle urgent, thank you.

Kind regards again :)

Mentor 1st March 2009 21:22

Why does a dig at the ns ip produce a positive result, but ping does not?

Mentor 2nd March 2009 01:31


I am struggling to understand something related to the DNS issue that I am trying to sort out:

- I created a SOA - domainname.ctld
- I registered it with local country-registrar
- I can ping domainname.ctld as well as www.domainname.ctld
- I created a site and can go to it using either of the above URLs
- I created a sub-domain - host.domainname.ctld around four hours ago
- I cannot ping it and if I create a site for it I cannot go there
- I can DIG records for the domainname.ctld including the host.
- I cannot ping the host - even from the server on which it resides!?

What's going on? I have never experienced this before - I have used ISPConfig 2 on another platform and it just works - I can create a host and within 5 minutes I can ping it and build a site using it. I just think that somewhere I haven't configured something right - I did use the wizrd to create the domainname.ctld SOA and edited the record to manually add the new host - A-record.

Anyone know what's happening here or seen it before? Please let me know, thank you.

Kind regards,

Mentor :confused::(

till 2nd March 2009 11:33

Post a screenshot of the settings that you used to add the dns a-record.

Mentor 2nd March 2009 14:20

3 Attachment(s)
Hi Till:

Thank you for your email. I have attached the screenshots as requested.

Kind regards,


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