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totte_karlsson 26th February 2009 22:00

Restore Folder/File Permissions
I wonder if there is a script to restore the folder/file permissions for a web?
I did mess them up and the only way to restore them, as I could find, was to delete the site and then restore it from within ISPConfig.

Instead of manually doing the above for each site, is there a script that I could run in a shell?

I'm using ISPConfig 2.2 something I think (where do I find the actual ISPConfig version?)


till 27th February 2009 13:35

Normally it should be enough to update the site. E.g. change the quota calue and click on save. There is no script to delete and redtore a website automatically.

totte_karlsson 27th February 2009 17:17

Let me re-phrase the question, is there a script to restore the file/folder permissions for a web?


till 28th February 2009 13:50

There is no such script available. Did you try to update the site as I suggested?

totte_karlsson 28th February 2009 19:56

I did not try just to update the site, I'll do that if I make this mistake again. However, delete/restore worked fine..


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