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Hans 11th February 2009 23:20

Urgent: ImageMagick causes high server- & CPU load
I've found out by using the "top" command that Imagemagick causes a very high server- & CPU load on my server. These high loads occur when the command "convert" is active.

Is there a way to avoid/reduce these high server- & cpu loads?

edge 11th February 2009 23:43

Hi Hans,

I have some sites that make a lot of use of ImageMagick (really a lot), and do not have a high load problem with this

Are you using extra options with the convert, and from what to what are you converting?

Hans 12th February 2009 00:06

Hi edge,
Thanks for your reply. Well i have a lot of TYPO3 & some osCommerce websites that make use of imagemagick. During image converting the server- & cpu-loads are too high for my server.

edge 12th February 2009 00:17

What version of convert are you using?
run convert -version to see it.

Also for a quick fix I would suggest asking help at

Hans 12th February 2009 00:48

The output is:
Version: ImageMagick 6.2.4 02/10/07 Q16
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2005 ImageMagick Studio LLC

I will take a look at that link. Thanks.

Hans 12th February 2009 10:56

I want to know how i can configure ImageMagick to prevent high CPU rates and memory consumption on the shared hosting server.
I did not find an answer yet.

falko 13th February 2009 18:52

This is what I've found:

I'm not sure if you can also limit the CPU usage. Maybe


man convert
knows more about this.

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