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joel_griego 6th February 2009 16:34

Centralized Webmail Addressbook
Hi guys!

I really need help regarding my email system. I would like to ask if someone can make a tutorial on how to setup a webmail (for example, squirrelmail or roundcube) that has centralized addressbook? Meaning, that the addressbook is in the server, just like microsoft exchange? Thanks.


falko 7th February 2009 16:56

AFAIK this is already built-in into SquirrelMail. There are also some plugins ( ) that extends its functionality.

joel_griego 9th February 2009 05:53

Thank you very much Mr. Falko. Is that also possible for roundcube? Because I used roundcube for my webmail. And unfortunately the users are used to it right now, i cannot change my webmail anymore. Thank you very much.


falko 9th February 2009 15:41

I haven't tried RoundCube, so I can't tell.

Hans 23rd February 2009 10:43

yes it is possible.
You can use one single RoundCube installation for multiple hosts.

joel_griego 23rd February 2009 11:21

Roundcube is supporting for global addressbook? Just like microsoft exchange where the addressbook is residing at the server? Can you make a howto of that sir?

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