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CoDonCo 14th March 2006 07:34

MyDNS and ISPConfig
First I want to say I'm new to MyDNS and ISPConfig.
So I just want to know if this is possible:

I have two dedicated servers.
On both servers I install MyDNS + MyDNSConfig and ISPConfig.
Server-1 has 10 IP's:
Server-2 has 10 IP's:
I want to use IP as ns1 and as ns2.

Can this setup work without modifying the original ISPConfig?

falko 14th March 2006 10:32

ISPConfig requires Bind instead of MyDNS...

chotgor1 27th July 2006 02:07

no workaround or anything?? for multiple servers and lots of domain names mydns is more comfortable, and in the other hand i thought mydnsconfig and ispconfig were from the same authors.. how come not interoperable..

till 27th July 2006 09:25

MyDNSConfig will be the DNS management module of the ISPConfig 3.0 relaese, but MyDNSConfig is not compatible to the current ISPConfig 2.x versions.

But you can install MyDNSConfig + ISPConfig together on the same server by installing ISPConfig with bind first, then deactivate Bind and install MyDNSConfig + MyDNS on the server.

But the Drawback is that both software packages will not interact with each other.

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