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danf.1979 13th March 2006 23:59

Problem with email domains...
Hi, I have realized now that I have a problem with email domains. Every email I send, even if there are from different domains are sent with the same domain.
For example:

Are both sent as

What do I have to do?

danf.1979 14th March 2006 00:01

I think I have configured DNS MX for both domains, but still there are sent only by
Dont know what to do now...

falko 14th March 2006 00:06

You must set the sender address in your email client or webmail software.

danf.1979 14th March 2006 00:12

So for example if I had some clients, I would have to tell them they have to configure squirrelmail to their domain name? Thanks Falko.

falko 14th March 2006 00:53

Yes, you must always set your own email address in an email client or in webmail.

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