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FloGo 26th January 2009 22:22

Hotmail Forwarding
@Author (sjau):


You're the Author of the Hotmail-Article (the Forwarding) and I wanted to ask what may have gone wrong:
I've got the SMS-Code, entered it into the confirmation-form.
I changed to the forwarding-options, tested if it worked yet without success.
Back to the mobile-notification-options, chosen that I haven't got the SMS-confirmation-code, then chosen not to receive any notification, saved that, went back to forwarding-options, and checked again that it wont work (same answer: "please just use e-mail domains from Microsoft") .
Do you already have answer from people of other countrys, if it works for them?
And which E-Mail-Provider did you use for your forwarding?

Thx, Regards,
Florian Golemo

sjau 26th January 2009 22:34

did you try to logoff and login again?

FloGo 26th January 2009 22:39

Yes, a few times experimenting around with the order of altering the two options (forwarding and notification).
I even logged out, deleted all cache, cookies and stuff and logged back in without success.
Has anyone else tested that HOW-TO yet?

sjau 26th January 2009 22:42

can you post screen shots of the notification options and forwarding options?

FloGo 26th January 2009 22:51

2 Attachment(s)
I've attached the screens (sry, they're in german - but yours should have been in german, too).

sjau 26th January 2009 23:04

1 Attachment(s)
Click on "Windows Live Mobile" link in the notifications options to change Windows Live Mobile account.

Then setup "Hotmail Notification"

And then, for testing, set all your new incoming emails to notification. Save it and send yourself an email and see if you get notified (this will cost a bit). If that works, then disable all notifications again and try to setup the forwarding.

I have to say, my forwarding looks different than yours.

FloGo 26th January 2009 23:13

Works like a charm
as the Title reads:
perfect work (the solution was the "windows live mobile"-link and the confi done THERE and not in the main window.

By the way... how did you know?
You're not from Hotmail-Team, are you?

sjau 26th January 2009 23:21

no, not hotmail team... I've done this with two accounts and it worked the way I wrote it down... I guess I have to add an alternative way throught he windows live mobile link if it's not working properly.

Anyway, good it's resolved and don't forget to turn the notification on mobile devices off, otherwise you'll be billed for receiving the notifications on your cell phone.

sjau 26th January 2009 23:29

and don't forget about the 3-months-expiration. If you use msn messenger it should be no problem.

FloGo 26th January 2009 23:36

Well, thanks, that shouldn't be a Problem since the messenger runs all the time... ^ ^

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