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sirmee2001 12th March 2006 21:18

polish letters
I don't know if this problem has anything to do with ISPConfig. Before the installation of ISPConfig and apache2 I had version 1.3 of apache and my sites were displaying polish characters. However, after the installation of ISPConfig and other related programs my sites are no longer displaying polish characters correctly (including sites created after installation). I have made changes in all files I can think of regarding "charset" but this has not helped in any way. Does any one have an idea what could be the problem? You see what I am talking about here:
Any kind of help will be appreciated. My clients are about to kill me.:mad:

till 13th March 2006 11:11

Please search your apache2 configuration files for the directive AddDefaultCharset and set it to:

AddDefaultCharset Off

Then restart the apache webserver.

sirmee2001 13th March 2006 14:29

I tried that but that didn't help. Any ideas? I am beginning to think that no one has ever had this problem before. I cant find a solution anywhere. Even the mighty google doesn't seem to know the answer. ;-)

sirmee2001 13th March 2006 14:31

I had to take the site offline. So is you want to see my problem have a look at

till 13th March 2006 14:32

Did you see these Blog posts:

You can try to put the charset and default charset settimgs in the apache directives field of the website in ISPConfig to override any other default settings.

sirmee2001 13th March 2006 18:19

Thanks a lot. I think my problem is solved (partially). Something strange is happening when I open a certain page with polish letters. One time they display properly and if I refresh the page the polish characters are not displayed properly again. Thanks for the link.

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