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sofsan 21st January 2009 17:37

how do I uninstall ISPconfig version 3 on centos 5.2 installation

after installing Centos 5.2 I installed ISPconfig 3,
but realized too late that this was a unstable version,
and after some problems with the configuration I would like to uninstall it now.

I already read some of the methods of uninstalling,
but none seem to work,

I installed it with the notes from :

hope someone can help me ...

till 21st January 2009 18:42

Run the uninstall.php script which is in the same folder then the install script.

But be aware that you will hev to format and reinstall the system if you want to install ispconfig 2 on it as the installed software is not compatible with ispconfig 2.

sofsan 21st January 2009 21:41

Thanks for the answer,
in that case I will try to work with version 3,
my biggest problem at the moment is that there is not so much documentation on the internet about this version,
DNS and POP-3 still give me headache
I will keep trying

till 22nd January 2009 11:26

ISPConfig is just a RC and we have not written any documentation beside the installation documenatation yet. The most stable platform for ispconfig 3 is debian, as this distribution is used to develop ispconfig 3.

fir3fox 5th February 2009 19:25

I try to uninstall it to. But I got a error right with the start of it
1 I have to chmod it first to 755 so I could access the script.

then I start it I got

./uninstall.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
./uninstall.php: line 3: /bin: is a directory
./uninstall.php: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `c'
./uninstall.php: line 4: `Copyright (c) 2007, Till Brehm, projektfarm Gmbh'

I cant start it with ./uninstall.php as root

sofsan 5th February 2009 19:37

I went to the datacenter,
did a complete new install of centos,
and ordered Direct Admin,
so I can't help you ...

But I will try it again next time with a different server,
this time I did not have enough time to resolve bugs.

It cost me a lot of time,
and although the installation guide at howtoforge and ISPconfig gives a complete manual on how to install on centos 5.2, there seems to be no support on bugs for this centos version (yet).

Too bad because I liked the look and feel of it ...

fir3fox 5th February 2009 19:41

Hrm thank you for your answer here, I was not correct in my contribution here

I run debain 4 and follow the guide

I dl the ISPConfig- and unpack it again, then in the dir

/ispconfig3_install/install I could find the uninstall.php.

That one was I in need to chmod first, then run it with error I wrote.

fir3fox 6th February 2009 02:55

I found the solution to UNinstall ISPConfig-

I remember wehn I install the script I type "php -q install.php"

Now I change the command a bit, like "php -q uninstall.php"

That work

>> Uninstall

Please do not forget to delete the ispconfig user in the mysql.user table.


This for Debain 4

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