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grandpagenocide 7th January 2009 16:12

Openvz & ISPConfig
Ok, I am installing ISPConfig on an openvz debian template, the only issue i have is the quota, is there a way to make the ispconfig quota work as openvz doesnt have the fstab or rather has a blank fstab?

till 7th January 2009 16:19

Most likely quota is already enabled on the host system, so you dont have to enable it in the vm.

grandpagenocide 7th January 2009 17:26

thanks till, next question is it possible to rsync a live server over to the virtual and just move the whole thing?

till 8th January 2009 12:39

Generally yes, but you can not rsync everything over. As far as I know there are some instructions in the openvz wiki for that.

grandpagenocide 8th January 2009 16:38

thanks again till, ill pm flako as well, as he has done some tuts on openvz :)

grungy 9th January 2009 11:52

........... wrong topic, sorry

grandpagenocide 9th January 2009 18:04

access isnt an issue :) seeing how the machines are ohhh i would say 2 inches apart, in the datacenter here lol

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