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Elfchen 6th January 2009 18:00

API existing?
Did an API exist which I can use to create user accounts and hosts with an external user management software? I cant find an api description anywhere.

Thank you.

till 6th January 2009 18:40

About which ISPConfig version are you talking?

Elfchen 6th January 2009 18:43

I am using AWBS and want to get it working with ISPconfig - no matter if V3 or V2 - I am just setting up a new webhosting server, but personally would prefer V3 to be up to date.

till 6th January 2009 18:47

ISPConfig 2:

ISPConfig 3:

There is no remoting API released yet.

Elfchen 27th January 2009 12:07

Hi. I want to get ISPConfig working with AWBS. Is there any way that the ISPConfig requests the AWBS API at and provides an API for AWBS? I would like to bill and create hosts automatically, but cant get AWBS working with ISPConfig. I would like to use ISPConfig, but if there is no support for this feature I have to switch to DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is a quite good webpanel, but did not support german and there is some problem with updating basic OS.

falko 28th January 2009 19:03

I'm not sure if this is possible with the ISPConfig 2 remoting plugin... I've never worked with AWBS.

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