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AZorin 28th December 2008 16:55

Remastersys panel help
Hi, ive posted this issue on many sites but recieved no reply and this is REALLY urgent (ive only got 2 days to do this). Here is the problem: When I make the remastersys dist it makes it alright, but when I boot my customdist.iso in VirtualBox it reverts the GNOME panel's settings back to the original, but I set it to only be 1 panel on the bottom and I got GnoMenu but it set it back to the original (Applications, Places, Settings). can anyone please help me and I know it is possible because someone did it wiht their own remastersys dist like in the following video (
Please help

falko 29th December 2008 13:54

Does this happen only in VirtualBox?

AZorin 1st January 2009 22:03

I havent tried it on a dvd but currently yes only in vbox

falko 2nd January 2009 10:32

Can you try it with a DVD? That way we can find out if it has anything to do with VirtualBox or not.

AZorin 4th January 2009 15:24

Its OK now all I had to do is copy the hidden .gconf folder in the home folder to the etc/skel folder but there is another problem, Ive gon GnoMenu but there is this error always popping up


and then I have to go into the program files (in the USR folder) and make all the files executable so please help

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