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AdamBoyle 10th December 2008 00:21

Nginx + Apache on Ubuntu 8.04

I've been looking over some tutorials on this site so I can play around with some PHP.. For the project I want to run, I need to be able to run 2 webservers on the same box.. I found the tutorial to install Nginx on Debian Etch which went fine on my Ubuntu 8.04 box, then I followed the one to authenticate ProFTPd users against a MySQL backend, which worked fine too.. Everything authenticates, but, I cannot get into phpMyAdmin to be able to edit anything! When I go to the page I'm asked if I want to run or open the page with type "application/x-httpd-php"..

I have got Nginx running PHP through FastCGI, but phpMyAdmin is trying to run through Apache I think.. I thought installing phpMyAdmin using apt-get would have installed any required packages... I have got the 2 servers running and working on different ports without any issues, and Nginx outputs a "phpinfo()" page properly.

Ideally I want phpMyAdmin to work through Nginx, but I do need the Apache server to be able to output PHP pages..

These are the 2 tutorials I have followed:

If anyone knows what I need to do, I would be really grateful!

falko 10th December 2008 15:24

Create a symlink from your nginx document root to /usr/share/phpmyadmin.

AdamBoyle 10th December 2008 17:59

Thanks for your reply Falko, I'll take a look at that later on..

Will creating the symlink fix running PHP pages on Apache as well as the phpMyAdmin issue?

AdamBoyle 10th December 2008 23:54

Managed to fix this one myself by doing "apt-get remove phpmyadmin" then "apt-get install phpmyadmin" - not sure why that worked but it did :D

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