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Heeter 9th December 2008 03:30

Should I renew my sub?
Got an email that my sub is expiring in a week and it will automatically renew.

Should I let the system renew it for me for 6 months or can I do it right now?


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falko 9th December 2008 19:37

I'd let the system do it because otherwise you might end up with two subscriptions.

Heeter 9th December 2008 21:34

Thanks Falko,

I guess it will know that I want to renew my 6 month sub?

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till 9th December 2008 21:41

The subscription renews automatically until you cancel it within your paypal account. Do not renew it manually or you will end up with two subscriptions if you did not cancel the first in your paypal account first.

Rayin 30th November 2009 08:58

But how can we renew the same with different Sub.

till 22nd December 2009 11:22

If you want to change the subscription length (e.g. from monthly to quarterly), please cancel the current subscription in your paypal account and then order a new subscription in your howtoforge user area.

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