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tbaror 7th December 2008 12:09

Virtualization environment
Hello ,

I am recently looking into best solution for Virtualization environment

the Virtualization is mostly between possibilities of ESXI or Vmware Server installed on one of Linux Distribution available

my question is from people* experience i suppose what will be best solution.

If its using Linux solution what will be most suited distribution for it and is there any manual howto for installing it with the most less OS memory foot print impact?

my main concern with Esxi its that i feel that i have less control on it for example to create a NFS or CIFS share for copying/backup which i didn't found a way to implement it with Esxi.

Thanks in advanced

falko 8th December 2008 12:21

If it's just for testing, you can go with VMware Server, but if you need real performance, use ESXi.

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