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maalamaal 5th December 2008 05:04

fedora desktop to server
i am having a dual boot laptop with fedora 9 and windows and now i want to upgrade fedora 8 (desktop version) to latest fedora 10(server version)
how can i do it without distrbing the windows partition?

please tell me step by step process for this

falko 6th December 2008 14:26

You want to upgrade from a desktop to a server? In that case I'd recommend setting up the server from scratch - otherwise you have too much stuff installed that you don't need on a server and that slows it down.

maalamaal 11th December 2008 02:35

what are the main things that i need to check before i make it a server from scratch?
any tips and tricks?

falko 11th December 2008 19:41

If you want a LAMP setup, check out this guide:

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