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PermaNoob 1st December 2008 02:50

CHROOT implemented by ISPconfig
That would be cool :cool:

till 1st December 2008 20:19

ISPConfig has this function already.

PermaNoob 1st December 2008 22:13


Originally Posted by till (Post 157489)
ISPConfig has this function already.

How do I implement it then? -- because users I create can browse the entire directory tree.

till 2nd December 2008 10:15

1) Install a SSH daemon that is patched for chrooting by following step 2.1 and just this one step from the following tutorial:

2) Enable chrooting in the ispconfig file. All new or updated users are now chrooted.

newmember 12th December 2008 02:08

Looking good for me.

I had to install libpam0g-dev on ubuntu.


apt-get install libpam0g-dev
then restarted ssh service:


/etc/init.d/ssh restart


For me know all my users can use SFTP.
They were already using FTPES and FTP.

till 12th December 2008 08:47

Do not edit the password file, ISPConfig will remove your changes. You must enable chrooting in ispconfig as I pointed out above.

Norman 18th December 2008 05:19

Is this chroot safe from jailbreaking?
There are a couple known approaches to this. Some exploits using procmail for example in one of the chroot guides described which allows someone to break the chroot.

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