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Heeter 12th November 2008 01:43

Opensuse as a domain controller
Hi all,

Been using Opensuse as a desktop for over a year now. I am wondering if Opensuse can be a reliable Domain controller? Maybe even a thin client setup with opensuse desktop workstations.

I would like to replace an existing Windows Server 2003 domain controller.

Is there a howto, maybe not for opensuse in particular but linux domain controller in general?

Thanks in advance


ikaros 12th November 2008 12:53

In general, you could use Samba as a domain controller but of course it doesn't have the features of Server 2003 (and Active Directory in particular) like group policies. A better solution, since you are using Opensuse in the clients, is Zenworks.

You could also check out: Likewise software, Howto setup SUSE 10.3 as Samba PDC, Howto LDAP server, Howto LDAP userAuth

I am interested in the opposite problem. Having a linux-based domain controller for Windows clients.

Heeter 12th November 2008 16:53

Awesome, Thanks for your response, Ikaros

Will do some more reading..........


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