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quentusrex 7th November 2008 02:20

Till, Falko, developer enviroments?
Till, Falko, what are you developer enviroments? How do you manage your source code if it isn't in a branch in the repo? How to you test your new code before you submit it to the repo?

till 7th November 2008 10:14

Currently I'am working on WinXP professional. I use Tortoisesvn as svn client and have a set of vmware virtual machines (several linux distributions) to test ISPConfig. To test the code in the virtual, I copy the modified files with winSCP to the virtual machine to test it, I dont need a separate code management system for the features I'am working on.

quentusrex 11th November 2008 20:53

Have you given any thought to using eclipse, with subclipse for svn access(for posting into the repo), and RSE(Remote System Explorer) for managing the code on your development system? With RSE you can ftp, ssh, etc into any development system and edit the code quickly and easily.

till 11th November 2008 20:56

Yes, I tested eclipse some time ago and was not really satisfied. It reacts too sluggy on my computer (1.6 Ghz pentium M Notebook with 1 GB RAM) so I switched back to my development enviroment described above and I'am happy with that. I tested eclipse also on a new 2.5 Ghz core2 duo system but it reacts still too slow for me to feel happy with it.

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