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pakogah 6th November 2008 14:24

[idea] csd/lfd implementation on ispconfig
from said
"csf+lfd works on all Linux servers on the Operating Systems listed above, with or without cPanel" then it came to my mind, hey why dont ispconfig use csf+lfd to make a better environment on server, so the admin can fell secure

this will be a good feature for ispconfig :D:D

newbie2008 11th February 2009 08:51

csf+lfd work or not work in ispconfig
I have tried the csf+lfd with ISPconfig, it seems extra efforts should be put on the, says, the proftpd login failure cannot works if the was not modified yet.
I think that might be the reason of not common using csf+lfd with ispconfig. Are there alternative solutions?

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