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bigger_travis 3rd November 2008 23:12

ispconfig behind firewall using NAT
hi, im stuck with something, i have tried so many things but i can't get ispconfig to work behind a firewall using nat..

i have got a dedicated server from godaddy and a firewall in their package.. they provided a public ip, so when they provide me with the package, i got the firewall with a public ip and on the server it has a private ip of so when i get to the last point of the installation of ispconfig, it asks for the ip address and the hostname. so i type in the ip address because if i try to put the public ip, it fails..

after the installation is complete, this is the ip ispconfig has:

so now that ipsconfig is installed with, when i add my domain names, in the dns manager, it add the ip address of then i change the ip manually to the public ip, but no luck.

whe i go to my domain name using my browser, it seems to be connecting to my local dsl router because im using the same class NAT address at my home.
how can i get pass this?

i also tried changing the ip address in ispconfig, from the private ip to the public ip, but id doesnt work either, i still get the same login prompt from my local router.

any suggestions?
is not possible to have ispconfig on a server with a NAT address?


falko 4th November 2008 15:35

For the DNS records you must use the public IP address, but for the Apache vhosts you must use an IP address that you see in the output of


bigger_travis 4th November 2008 18:35

ill have to play wit it a little bit more. meanwhile, i had to get my site up, so i used their control panel. once the whole server was re-imaged, when i logged into their control panel for the first time, i got a message:


Domain Configuration - Add Domain Wizard - Hardware Firewall Problem
You appear to have a hardware firewall installed.

However, no mappings currently exist between internal and external IP addresses.

Please use the IP Addresses tool to configure IP address mappings.
so i did, and they had this tool where they make it work through a firewall mapping,

does ispconfig have anything like that. if not, it would be good to have

falko 5th November 2008 19:54

You must configure this on your router.

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