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_X_ 2nd November 2008 21:53

FTP show hidden files
Is there a possibility to add support for proftpd and vsftpd option to enable display of hidden files (that start with . = dot) in ISPConfig? Since ISPConfig adds its config to default configuration of those daemons.

To do this we need to add, for proftd, in /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf:
ListOptions "-a"

but it can be also added into /etc/proftpd_ispconfig.conf for each virtual host.

falko 3rd November 2008 16:31

You'd have to do this manually in proftpd.conf.

madmucho 13th January 2009 16:19

i searching for ListOption which show users hidden .ht^ files in web space.
Have someone something simmiliar in proftpd? -la or -a is too much, users can change them, i dont want this.

falko 14th January 2009 13:21


Originally Posted by madmucho (Post 164394)
-la or -a is too much, users can change them

Users can change your ProFTPd configuration? :eek:

madmucho 14th January 2009 13:56

No proftpd config no, but other hidden system files, procmail recepies and others. i want them show ony ht*.* files which is about website.

falko 15th January 2009 14:40

You can chroot the FTP users to just the web site directory (there shouldn't be any procmail recipes).


DefaultRoot ~/web
in proftpd.conf

madmucho 15th January 2009 14:47

That is solution, but some users include application files outside from /web folder, for example Zend Framework applications /library /application.

falko 16th January 2009 13:38

I didn'T find anything on that could solve the problem... :(

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