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djvanrijn 14th October 2008 15:42

Can somebody install ISPConfig on Fedora 9? I'll pay for it

I've got a dedicated server somewhere, so a root password. Currently Fedora 9 is installed. We tried webmin, ISPConfig but nothing seem to work. I'm only know very little about linux, so I was wondering if somebody could help me with a clean install. Offcourse I will pay for your work.

Thank you in advance, perhaps I've got more work if it's done correctly.

Dirk-Jan van Rijn
Alphen aan den Rijn - The Netherlands

AcidKat 14th October 2008 16:43

hmm, i can do it

sjau 14th October 2008 16:53

How about following this?

djvanrijn 14th October 2008 16:56

Somehow that didn't work out correctly. I don't know what the difficultys where, thats why I try to find somebody who knows a lot more than I do.

Thanks anyway for your help.

AcidKat 14th October 2008 16:58

what are you doing?
im trying to get pizza money here.
he doesnt feel comfortable doing it and would like some one else to do it for him.
i have alot of experiance doing it and dont mind setting it up for him.
if we were talking about him wanting to have his car worked on, and i am a machanic, would you give him a chiltons manual and say "do it yourself?"

sjau 14th October 2008 17:39

if I knew what a chiltons manual is I could reply to you ;)

However the tutorials by Falko are pretty simple and if he wants to run ispconfig on it over a longterm period then it is wiser for him to learn the ins and outs of it by installing it manually.

djvanrijn 14th October 2008 18:08

You are right when you say I should learn the ins and outs. But.... time is a precious thing in my job. I cant take the time for this, so I need people to help.

PS: Acid I sent you a message, did you receive it?

AcidKat 14th October 2008 18:21

Aye i received it and emailed you back

edge 14th October 2008 20:50

You should really ask the creators of ISPconfig. (Till or Falko ...)
This way you will support ISPconfig, encourage the team to make ISPconfig even better, and you will get a special status here at the forum.

sjau 15th October 2008 11:00

running a server requires to learn a lot... if you don't have the time you really should consider whether running your own server is a wise move.

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