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gsp 10th October 2008 16:31

Mail Server Setup With Exim, MySQL, Cyrus-Imapd, Horde Webmail On Centos 5.1 - WORKS
Hi there,

i am a linux newbie and trying for some weeks now this 'how to' guide... After many many hours of reading my conclusion is that this guide doesn't work as it is!

I don't know if the problem is that i tried to install on CentOS 5.2 but i found several issues that are not covered in this guide as cyrus admin user, permissions, firewall and SELinux settings that prevent system for normal operation... Now after all this period of format and setup and format and setup again, i have reached the point that even that i have an admin user (horde & cyrus), on cyrus saslauthd this user name is not accepted from telnet tests... i thing there is some kind of 'bugs' on the authorization part...

PLEASE if anyone managed to make this work to post some basic details on how i can make this work!!

And for people who write these 'how to's' , please don't think that everything is supposed to be known!

Thanks in advance

topdog 13th October 2008 12:34

There is no way a howto can cover every aspect needed to configure a system, it is expected that as a user following a howto you are capable of comprehending normal system admin tasks.

That howto in its present form works fully with Centos 5.1 i have a running xen image of it on my dev machine.

gsp 13th October 2008 13:55

Hi, thanks for the answer. I think that i CAN accomplish normal admin tasks, and i had no bad intentions with my message... Instead i am reading for many hours all these days... Maybe its the wrong OS version (minor differences?)... But i am searching for CentOS 5.1 and its nowhere... only 5.2... is there any links that i can download this image?


topdog 13th October 2008 14:47

Okay maybe if you state exactly what your problem is then i could help.

gsp 13th October 2008 19:01

Thanks for your willing to help!..

So, after many many re-installs and re-configurations i have reached at this point:

-New accounts are created, they are able to send e-mails

-If the administrator user creates a folder there is no-way to delete it afterwards (permission denied)

-Isn't needed to create the cyrus admin user first? Because in config files there is an account cyrus with blank password...and of course imp cannot login..

-Finally there is something with horde's config because when first loading a page not all menus are shown except if i press reload button

When i was installing the packages i noticed some errors on php packets about 'file not found' from tmp directory and something like this but couldn't find any logs for this...

I know there are a lot and various problems, thats why i am wondering if they are due to different version from 5.1 to 5.2...

Thank you for your time:)

topdog 14th October 2008 10:31

It could be the version difference. The admin user cyrus is just a backup user, the admin user in the mysql database is the user to be used to configure stuff.

Given imp cannot login does it mean users cannot see their mail ? if so does a normal connection on the command line authenticate ?

gsp 14th October 2008 20:56

I thought also the same about the admin user, but as it seems its not a 'real' admin... he can create folders but he cannot delete them...

Users can login from command line and also they can create their own folders AND delete them after...

I don't know, lot of weird things happening... do you know if i can find any where a 5.1 CentOS isos for download?

Thanks again

topdog 17th October 2008 19:30

gsp 19th October 2008 22:18

thanks, but unfortunately this was the place i downloaded my isos.. there are only 5.2 links and not 5.1... :(

topdog 20th October 2008 08:16

Okay then get them from the vault

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